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Our News Broadcast Monitoring & Clipping Services


News Broadcast Monitoring

AVR records all of the news all of the time. Our video news archive contains the most comprehensive media content in the United States including all 210 U.S. television markets and most national network and cable programming. TV News clips can be delivered anywhere anytime. Video clips can be delivered in the format of your choice.

Media Monitoring Services

When your client or company is mentioned on TV news broadcast or radio news programs, we'll be tracking it. With a subscription to our media monitoring service you can get the full picture of your media coverage at an affordable price.

To learn more about our media monitoring services, call 404-961-0603 or Contact Us at

media monitoring

Digital Delivery of News Broadcast

Streaming video delivered right to your desktop. Most of our clients prefer to have their news clips delivered via a digital link that allows them to immediately view, share, and download a permanent copy of their news clips.

DVD with Clippings Service

High Quality news segments output to DVD. To order news clips or learn more, call 404-961-0603 or Contact Us at